Updated: 2023-09-01
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EventB­ridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easy to connect applic­ations together using data from apps, integrated SaaS apps, & AWS services.

Amazon EventBridge Flow

EventB­ridge is a low-cost alternative to building a new backend infrastructure for every new app. With Serverless EventB­ridge, you can connect your existing apps with a few lines of code. You don’t have to build a new backend for every new app you want to connect to.

You can use existing infrastructure as a provider of event data, and connect your apps using Serverless EventB­ridge.



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Use Cases

Type: Applic­ation integr­ation

Same type services: SNS, SQS, AppSync, EventBridge

  • Re-architect for speed
  • Extend functionality via SaaS integrations
  • Monitoring and Auditing
  • Customize SaaS with AI/ML

EventBridge vs Amazon SNS

In comparison with Amazon SNS, EventBridge:

  • Integrates with more AWS services than SNS
  • Supports registering message schemas
  • Has sophisticated third-party integrations available
  • Supports transforming event messages before sending them

You should choose to use Amazon EventBridge over Amazon SNS when the system you are building is expected to:

  • Support significant asynchronous functionality
  • Grow significantly in terms of both usage and complexity
  • Have changing requirements over time
  • Have components built by different teams that interact
  • Need support for disparate event sources and targets

Amazon EventBridge vs CloudWatch Events

  • Amazon EventBridge extends CloudWatch Events - Build event-driven architectures
  • Original goal with CloudWatch Events was to help with monitoring usecases specific to AWS services.
    • React to events from Your Applications, AWS services and Partner Services
      • Example: EC2 status change, change in your application or SaaS partner application
    • Event Targets can be a Lambda function, an SNS Topic, an SQS queues etc
    • Rules map events to targets (Make sure that IAM Roles have permissions)
    • Event buses receive the events:
      • Default event bus (for AWS services)
      • Custom event bus (custom applications)
      • Partner event bus (partner applications)
  • Over time, Amazon EventBridge will replace Amazon CloudWatch Events


Processing File Uploads Asynchronously with Amazon EventBridge



A food delivery company is building a feature that requests reviews from customers after their orders are delivered. The solution should be a short-running process that can message customers simultaneously at various contact points including email, text, and mobile push notifications.

Which approach best meets these requirements?

  1. Use EventBridge with Kinesis Data Streams to send messages.
  2. Use a Step Function to send SQS messages.
  3. Use a Lambda function to send SNS messages.
  4. Use AWS Batch and SNS to send messages.