LeetCode Top 75

Updated: 2024-03-12
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Array / String

11768. Merge Strings AlternatelyEasy✅ ✅
21071. Greatest Common Divisor of StringsEasy✅ ✅
31431. Kids With the Greatest Number of CandiesEasy✅ ✅
4605. Can Place FlowersEasy
5345. Reverse Vowels of a StringEasy
6151. Reverse Words in a StringMedium
7238. Product of Array Except SelfMedium
8334. Increasing Triplet SubsequenceMedium
9443. String CompressionMedium

Two Pointers

10283. Move ZeroesEasy
11392. Is SubsequenceEasy
1211. Container With Most WaterMedium
131679. Max Number of K-Sum PairsMedium

Sliding Window

14643. Maximum Average Subarray IEasy
151456. Maximum Number of Vowels in a Substring of Given LengthMedium
161004. Max Consecutive Ones IIIMedium
171493. Longest Subarray of 1’s After Deleting One ElementMedium

Prefix Sum

181732. Find the Highest AltitudeEasy
19724. Find Pivot IndexEasy

Hash Map / Set

202215. Find the Difference of Two ArraysEasy
211207. Unique Number of OccurrencesEasy
221657. Determine if Two Strings Are CloseMedium
232352. Equal Row and Column PairsMedium


242390. Removing Stars From a StringMedium
25735. Asteroid CollisionMedium
26394. Decode StringMedium


27933. Number of Recent CallsEasy
28649. Dota2 SenateMedium

Linked List

31141. Linked List CycleEasy
31206. Reverse Linked ListEasy
292095. Delete the Middle Node of a Linked ListMedium
30328. Odd Even Linked ListMedium
322130. Maximum Twin Sum of a Linked ListMedium

Binary Tree - DFS

33104. Maximum Depth of Binary TreeEasy
34872. Leaf-Similar TreesEasy
351448. Count Good Nodes in Binary TreeMedium
36437. Path Sum IIIMedium
371372. Longest ZigZag Path in a Binary TreeMedium
38236. Lowest Common Ancestor of a Binary TreeMedium

Binary Tree - BFS

39199. Binary Tree Right Side ViewMedium
401161. Maximum Level Sum of a Binary TreeMedium

Binary Search Tree

41700. Search in a Binary Search TreeEasy
42450. Delete Node in a BSTMedium

Graphs - DFS

43841. Keys and RoomsMedium
44547. Number of ProvincesMedium
451466. Reorder Routes to Make All Paths Lead to the City ZeroMedium
46399. Evaluate DivisionMedium

Graphs - BFS

471926. Nearest Exit from Entrance in MazeMedium
48994. Rotting OrangesMedium

Heap / Priority Queue

49Kth Largest Element in an ArrayMedium
50Smallest Number in Infinite SetMedium
51Maximum Subsequence ScoreMedium
52Total Cost to Hire K WorkersMedium
53Guess Number Higher or LowerEasy
54Successful Pairs of Spells and PotionsMedium
55162. Find Peak ElementMedium
56Koko Eating BananasMedium


5717. Letter Combinations of a Phone NumberMedium
58Combination Sum IIIMedium

DP - 1D

59N-th Tribonacci NumberEasy
60Min Cost Climbing StairsEasy
61House RobberMedium
62Domino and Tromino TilingMedium

DP - Multidimensional

63Unique PathsMedium
64Longest Common SubsequenceMedium
65Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock with Transaction FeeMedium
66Edit DistanceMedium

Bit Manipulation

67Counting BitsEasy
68136. Single NumberEasy
69Minimum Flips to Make a OR b Equal to cMedium


70208. Implement Trie (Prefix Tree)Medium
71Search Suggestions SystemMedium


72435. Non-overlapping IntervalsMedium
73Minimum Number of Arrows to Burst BalloonsMedium

Monotonic Stack

74Daily TemperaturesMedium
75Online Stock SpanMedium
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