992. Subarrays with K Different Integers

Updated: 2024-03-31
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LeetCode problem 992

Using the sliding window technique to keep track of the different integers within a window. Adjust the window’s size to always contain exactly k different integers.

The idea is to transform the problem into finding the number of subarrays with at most k different integers and subtract the number of subarrays with at most k-1 different integers from it.


  1. At Most K: Implement a function helper(nums, k) that returns the number of subarrays with at most k different integers.
  2. Utilize helper function for the Solution: The number of subarrays with exactly k different integers is helper(nums, k) - helper(nums, k-1).
  3. Implement helper: Use a sliding window technique to expand the window to include as many elements as long as there are at most k different ones. Shrink the window from the left when the condition is violated. Keep track of the count of each integer in the current window using a hash map.
class Solution:
    def subarraysWithKDistinct(self, nums: List[int], k: int) -> int:
        def helper(nums, k):  # at most k
            count = {}
            res = i = 0
            for j in range(len(nums)):
                if nums[j] not in count:
                    k -= 1
                    count[nums[j]] = 0
                count[nums[j]] += 1
                while k < 0:
                    count[nums[i]] -= 1
                    if count[nums[i]] == 0:
                        k += 1
                        del count[nums[i]]
                    i += 1
                res += j - i + 1
            return res

        return helper(nums, k) - helper(nums, k-1)


This problem follows the Sliding Window pattern, where a window of elements is expanded and shrunk based on certain conditions. The sliding window technique is commonly used to solve problems related to contiguous subarrays or substrings, particularly when you need to track or calculate something among all possible subarrays or substrings of a certain size or condition.