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Updated: 2023-09-01
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Release notes example


  • feat(exports): export mergeConfig #5151


  • fix(CancelledError): include config #4922
  • fix(general): removing multiple/trailing/leading whitespace #5022
  • fix(headers): decompression for responses without Content-Length header #5306
  • fix(webWorker): exception to sending form data in web worker #5139


  • refactor(types): AxiosProgressEvent.event type to any #5308
  • refactor(types): add missing types for static AxiosError.from method #4956


  • chore(docs): remove README link to non-existent upgrade guide #5307
  • chore(docs): typo in issue template name #5159

Common used

  • build: Changes that affect the build system or external dependencies (e.g., updates to package.json, pom.xml, build.gradle, Dockerfile, etc.)
  • chore: Regular maintenance tasks and changes that don’t modify the source code or the test suite (e.g., updating build tasks, package manager config, etc.)
  • ci: Changes to Continuous Integration configuration files and scripts (e.g., changes in Jenkinsfile, Travis CI configuration, CircleCI, etc.)
  • docs: Changes only affecting documentation (e.g., changes in README, API docs, comment blocks, etc.)
  • feat: Introducing a new feature to your application.
  • fix: A bug fix in your application code.
  • perf: Performance improvements to your code (e.g., optimizing algorithms, improving efficiency, etc.)
  • refactor: Changes in the code that neither fix a bug nor add a feature; typically, these changes improve code readability or structure.
  • revert: If you are reverting a previous commit.
  • style: Changes to the coding style (e.g., changes in whitespace, formatting, missing semi-colons, etc.) that do not affect the meaning of the code.
  • test: Adding or updating tests, covering new or existing functionality.

Code format